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Wynwood Jungle

Acquired in June 2021, Wynwood Jungle, formerly known as the Wynwood Arcade, stood as a lackluster property yearning for transformation. Its uninspiring facade and inefficient use of space underscored its potential for revitalization. Despite its prime location facilitating pedestrian flow, the property suffered from neglect, resulting in declining occupancy and curb appeal. Recognizing its latent value, we embarked on a journey to reimagine this space, leveraging our expertise in property remodeling. Our vision aimed to seamlessly blend modernity with functionality, aligning with the esteemed standards of the Black Lion portfolio. Balancing budget constraints with a commitment to revitalization, our team undertook the challenge with zeal, determined to breathe new life into this hidden gem while catering to the needs of the local community and prospective tenants. 

The transformation of Wynwood Jungle resulted in a stunning masterpiece, seamlessly blending modern and original features with lush landscaping to create an inviting space that maximizes its potential. Positioned as the focal point of Wynwood’s entertainment district and the core of the Wynwood Art District, it offers an immersive retail experience like no other. Notable tenants such as Salty Donut and Fable, a rooftop super club, have established themselves alongside exciting additions announced for 2024. Other esteemed tenants include Bristol Republic, Pink Room, and SerenTi. Wynwood Jungle stands as an oasis within the bustling district, captivating visitors with its spectacular features, perfect for unforgettable photos and videos, and creating special experiences for all who visit.

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