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About Us

Under the visionary guidance of President Robert Rivani, Black Lion embodies elevated luxury and visionary innovation within the real estate industry. Our approach is disruptive, dynamic, and inherently bold as we redefine the standards of excellence. Inspired by Robert's global travels to over 60 countries and stays in five-star hotels, we curate vibrant and dynamic destinations by carefully selecting top-tier luxury tenants within retail and hospitality sectors, reflecting the essence of luxury and wellness that defines Rivani's vision. Furthermore, Black Lion's latest debut of the groundbreaking ‘Class X’ office concept the ‘Rivani’ signifies a historic milestone, as it becomes the first of its kind in Miami Beach, establishing a new standard for luxury and efficiency in workspace design. With a dedication to changing the game in the industry, Black Lion stands as a beacon of inspiration, where the extraordinary becomes the new standard.


Introducing Robert Rivani, a visionary leading the charge in luxury real estate and hospitality. At just 34, he has bought and sold over $750 million in deals without partners or investors, embodying a remarkable journey of self-made success. As President of Black Lion, Robert oversees his  prestigious personally curated projects spanning from the exclusive shores of Malibu to the vibrant city of Miami. Beyond real estate, he has pioneered the introduction of esteemed brands like Catch, Delilah, Gaia, Amara at Paradiso, Rosa Negra, and more to the Miami and U.S. market. Inspired by his global travels and stays in five-star hotels, Robert's latest venture, 'Rivani', is revolutionizing Miami's office industry with the innovative 'Class X' office concept, addressing a critical gap in the market for elevated luxury and wellness standards. His disruptive approach has garnered attention from Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and other prestigious publications, solidifying Robert Rivani as a leader in redefining office expectations in Miami and beyond.


Marc Shandler
Chief Legal Officer  

Marc Shandler, Chief Legal Lion at Black Lion Pride, embodies a fusion of legal acumen and mindful leadership inspired by Stephen Covey.  Marc's journey in real estate began in 6th grade with a school project focused on the new DC Metro system, igniting a lifelong passion for urban development. Marc serves as a trusted advisor to Robert Rivani and the Black Lion management team and supervises all of Black Lion's transactions and other legal issues. When he's not engaged in making a deal work or resolving conflicts, Marc spends time with his beloved wife and children, reveling in the euphoria of live music and coaching his son's basketball team. Marc received his law degree from Georgetown University Law Center and an undergraduate degree in Urban Studies from the University of Pennsylvania,

Patrick Khoury
Chief Operating Officer  

Patrick Khoury, a visionary leader and Chief Operating Officer at Black Lion Pride, thrives on the dynamic challenges of the real estate landscape. With a distinguished background in International Business and a Masters in Business Administration, Patrick earned acclaim as the "go-to banker" in commercial real estate. His expertise spans diverse markets, honing his prowess in client relations and deal closure. Rooted in loyalty and diligence, Patrick's Miami upbringing fuels his passion for transformative property development. Committed to amplifying impact, he envisions a future where real estate ventures redefine communities. Beyond his professional pursuits, Patrick cherishes family moments on the sidelines of his children's sports games and seeks worldly adventures, embodying a life of both purpose and exploration.


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