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End Results

The successful repositioning of Crystal Cove Commons underscored Black Lion's strategic vision and business acumen. With median rental prices skyrocketing to unprecedented levels of $35 to $40 per square foot, the project exemplified the team's ability to maximize potential. Despite the initial risk and lack of prospective tenants, Black Lion's investment in property upgrades paid off handsomely. By securing a high-end restaurant as an anchor tenant within 60 days of ownership, followed by a swift lineup of other tenants, the project demonstrated the efficacy of attracting energetic clientele to drive demand. Moreover, the surrounding demographics, boasting over 137,745 residents within a 5-mile radius with a substantial average household income, provided a solid foundation for success. Black Lion's strategic approach, tailored to the needs and preferences of the local community, ensured the center's viability as a premier destination for discerning patrons.


Crystal Cove Commons, formerly Crystal Tree Plaza, held the promise of its former glory despite its dilapidated state. Recognizing its potential, Black Lion's executive team envisioned a restoration project that would elevate the property to new heights. While its location off a coastal highway offered opportunity, challenges such as surrounding underdevelopment and an outdated tenant mix required innovative solutions. With a focus on sleek, modern design and quality enhancements, Black Lion embarked on a renovation journey, navigating through regulatory hurdles with expertise. The goal was clear: to transform the property into a beacon of class and distinction, aligning with the standards set by other properties in the Black Lion portfolio.

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